Welcome to the New York Loft!   

THE MISSION OF THE NEW YORK LOFT is to provide affordable housing for faculty, staff, and students on scholarly pursuit.


     1.  Faculty may now book 9-15 months in advance IF the faculty member if taking an official student group.  A group is defined as 10 or more.

     2.  "Affiliates" are defined as current faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retired faculty and staff.  Alumni must have graduated from Appalachian State University.  Any affiliate may make a reservation up to nine (9) months in advance.  Affiliates pay the affiliate rate, and any guests falling into the nonaffiliate category, whether traveling with the affiliate or not, will be charged the nonaffiliate rate.

     3.  "Nonaffiliates" are defined as friends of the university.  This includes family of affiliates.  Nonaffiliates may make a reservation up to six (6) months in advance.


     Students will pay $25 per person, per night on a faculty led student group.  The faculty leading the group will pay $50 per night for the private room.

     1.  Affiliates will pay $40 per person, per night for bunk space.
     2.  Affiliates will pay $125 per night for the private room (no increase).

     1.  Nonaffiliates will pay $70 per person, per night for bunk space.
     2.  Nonaffiliates will pay $200 per night for the private room.

The New York Loft provides a special housing opportunity to students, faculty, staff and alumni that allows them to experience one of the world's greatest cities.

The Loft is owned by Appalachian State University and managed by the Office of Business Affairs.  It is located in downtown Manhattan in New York City. 

The city provides opportunites for learning through academic pursuits and practical experience.  Come join us in Appalachian's little corner of the Big Apple!

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