Guest Rules

Resident Directors are Appalachian State University Academic Faculty who engage in scholarly research activities while assigned to direct the Loft. As such, they may not be on-site unless they have a specific appointment. Please be respectful of the Director's time as you coordinate everyone's extremely busy schedules.


In case of a fire or other emergency, use either the staircase or the fire escape found in the back right bunk quarters.


All doors and the elevator are to be kept locked at all times. Guests are responsible for securing the outside door and elevator each time they enter or leave. DO NOT buzz in strangers. ONLY guests who have been cleared by the Director are allowed in the Loft. If you have friends meeting you at the Loft for any reason, you MUST clear this with the Resident Director BEFORE they arrive at the Loft.

Exit doors and windows are alarmed throughout the Loft. Do not open windows at any time, or prop doors open. FIRE EXIT doors are located (1) to the rear of the Men's Bunk area, and (2) to the left of the elevator in the entry hall. REMEMBER YOUR KEYS/FOB when you leave as there may not be anyone in the Loft to let you back in when you return. A $20 cash deposit for each set of keys will be returned at checkout time.

NEVER bring strangers back to the Loft with you and do not allow them access to the building.


Please turn off lights, heat, and electrical appliances when leaving a room to help keep electrical costs down.


There are 2-computers available for guest use. Please follow the directions posted beside the machines.


Guests are to keep their portion of the bedroom area orderly. Housekeeping service is provided daily; however, it is critical that each guest, along with the Resident Director, assist in keeping the facility as clean and orderly as possible. The Housekeeper comes Monday through Friday. Therefore, all guests are required to be out of bed and out of the bunk area by 10:00 a.m. to allow the housekeeper's ample space and time to do their job. You are required to place all personal items on your bed during these times so that the facilities can be cleaned.


There are 2-large bedrooms, each with 10-beds. Please note that 2-bunk spaces are continually held for ASU students each semester who are completing internships for credit.

We try to keep the rooms separated by gender but that does not always happen, so at any time you could be in a co-ed room. Bunk assignments are done on a "first come, first served" basis, and while you can request to be on a bottom bunk or to have your whole party in the same room, this is not guaranteed. It is advised that you call the director at the Loft well in advance of your arrival date to make this request. The director will make every attempt to accommodate your request, but requests are not guaranteed.

Guests are required to make their beds with the linens provided. Please do not sleep on the beds without these items as it makes for soiled mattresses and pillows for the next guests. Also, it is difficult to determine whether a bed is being used if there is no evidence of use, making it difficult to assign beds to incoming guests. Guests are not permitted to sleep in the Commons Area or anywhere other than assigned bed spaces. Please avoid leaving wet/damp towels on your bed or any wooden surfaces; hooks are provided on each bunk for towels. Please ask the Resident Director when you need fresh towels.

Food Storage/Refrigerators

Please label all your food items. Labels are provided in the kitchen area. The refrigerators are prioritized for food. Alcoholic beverages may not be stored anywhere in the Loft. All non-labeled items will be assumed to belong to the Resident Director and may be disposed of at any time.

Kitchen & Common Areas

The kitchen area is available for use by all guests. Please prepare and eat all food in the kitchen/dining room area. (No food or beverages are allowed in the sleeping areas.) Label any personal food items. Please wash, dry, and put up your dishes immediately after use. Do not leave items in the sink. You may place dishes, silverware, and glasses in the dishwasher for later washing. However, please hand-wash all pots /pans and return them to the stovetop before leaving the kitchen area. (If dishes are clean in the dishwasher, unload dishes and put them away before loading dirty dishes.) Wipe down all tables and counters and refill ice trays.  For your convenience, a Keurig coffee brewer is provided.  K-cups are not provided.

The Commons Area is for use by all Guests. Please do not leave personal items (such as shoes, clothing, etc.) in the area. Personal items left in this area will be removed and placed beside the Bunk Area doors.


Bathroom space is limited. With a full house (22-Guests), there is also a limit to the hot water. Please remember that there may be other guests waiting to use the facilities. Each bunk room has a bathroom that must be shared by all guests in that room. Please limit shower length, wipe out sinks and showers after use, and clean up all water from the floor.

Do not leave clothing or toiletry items in the bathroom. Instead, keep them in your assigned room and general bunk area. The Housekeeper will dispose of any items left in the bathroom to clean the space.

Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Policies

Tobacco use is not permitted in the Loft or anywhere in the building. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted anywhere on the Loft premises. In accordance with North Carolina State, New York State and Appalachian State University Policy, any guest under the age of 21 who is observed to be intoxicated (as well as anyone providing alcohol to a minor) will be asked to vacate the Loft immediately. Any guest creating a general nuisance for other guests or the Resident Director will be asked to vacate the premises. Any guest found in possession of or using illegal drugs in the Loft, the building or surrounding areas will be reported to the New York City Police.


No pets are allowed in the Loft.

Accommodation Statement

Appalachian is committed to providing an inclusive experience for individuals with disabilities. If accommodations are needed during your stay in order to fully participate on the basis of a disability, contact the Office of Disability Resources. It is recommended that accommodation requests be made a minimum of two weeks prior to your stay.

Quiet Hours -11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

All Guests should respect the need for a quiet place to rest. Please avoid talking in the bunk area at any time when other Guests are sleeping or resting.

Children at the Loft

Children ages 5 to 14 are welcome at the Loft only during the summer months, Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break. No children under age 5 are allowed to stay at the Loft.

Checkout - 10:00 a.m.

Guests must coordinate a checkout time with the Resident Director to exchange keys/deposits. Please inform the Resident Director of your checkout time AS SOON AS POSSIBLE UPON YOUR ARRIVAL.

At the time of Check-Out, please:

  • bring all towels and linens to the designated area,
  • tidy up your bunk area,
  • dispose of any personal trash and food, and
  • clean up after yourself before leaving the Loft.


Termination of Stay

Failure of guests to follow these rules will result in the termination of their stay. The Resident Director has the final say in these matters. Refunds will not be given to guests who are asked to leave due to misuse of the facility or failure to abide by the policies of the Loft.

COVID  protocol

Guests are expected to IMMEDIATELY report any confirmed cases of COVID to the Loft Director on duty for quick and appropriate action.  The NY Loft Director can provide information of the proximity of the Appalachian Loft to the nearest hospital or clinic, and hotels in the area for quarantine purposes. Guests can also consult for free COVID testing facilities nearby and for most updated information regarding Isolation & Quarantine guidelines.

Faculty-led groups: It is the responsibility of the group leader to have a contingency plan (outlining lodging, meals, and financial aspects ) in the event one of the students in their group tests  positive for COVID. Quarantine in the NY Loft is not a contingency option. The NY Loft is not responsible to cover costs related with the contigency plan.