Students Interning with Companies in New York

The Office of Business Affairs accepts applications from students who want to live in the Loft while interning in NYC. There are two positions open per semester.

Please submit an application packet, which includes: written letter of intent, written letter of recommendation from an ASU faculty member, and proof of internship from your company. Proof of internship can be a direct e-mail from the company or a written letter on letterhead. All applicants must be current ASU students who are interning for graduation credit.

Priority is given to upperclassmen. Priority is also given to students who have not had a previous long term stay at the loft.

Application due dates are as follows:

Fall semester: Applications due by July 15.
Spring semester: Applications due by November 15.
Summer semester: Applications due by April 15.

Please submit hard copies to Alice Gryder in the Office of Business Affairs. 
If you have questions, please contact gryderae [at] appstate [dot] edu.  828-262-2132.