Group Reservations

Any current ASU faculty, staff or student group (affiliates) receive first priority when it comes to group reservations. Faculty taking official student groups (10 or more) may make a reservation nine-15 months in advance. They must secure the reservation with a budget code. No group reservations may be made for fall and spring breaks.
Full payment is due from the group no later than two weeks prior to the arrival date. All payments for groups will be handled through Camps and Conferences.
If a faculty advisor/professor or staff person is taking a group of ten or more to the Loft, the students are charged $25 per person per night. The faculty/staff chaperone is charged $50 per night for the private room. If group leaders stay in the bunk area, they do not pay.  These charges ONLY apply to Appalachian student groups.
Alumni groups who are interested in making group reservations may only do so up to 90 days in advance. The charge for each affiliate will be $40. The charge for guests is $70 per person.  The facilities are for the Appalachian community to use, and while alumni are always welcome, current faculty, students and staff have first priority. 
Children of ASU affiliates ages five to 14 may only stay at the Loft during winter break, Thanksgiving and summer, and it is preferred that they stay in the private room. No children under five are allowed to stay at the Loft.
All group members staying in the Loft must be 18 years of age or older. Reservations will not be made for Middle School and High School groups.