Faculty and Staff Directorships, and Student Internships


  • FACULTY DIRECTORSHIPS - Directorship positions at the Appalachian Loft are available to all full-time faculty (EHRA) for summer, fall and spring semesters.

  • STAFF DIRECTORSHIPS - Staff (SHRA and EHRA non-faculty) directorship positions are available for full-time staff members during the winter break:
    • December 18 through December 28, or
    • December 28 through January 10.

  • STUDENT INTERNSHIPSWe have two positions open per semester for students who want to live in the NY Loft while interning in NYC:
    • Fall semester (Applications due by July 15),
    • Spring semester (Applications due by November 15), and
    • Summer semester (Applications due by April 15).