Driving Directions


  1. Start out going East on US 421 towards North Wilkesboro
  2. US-421 becomes US-421 BYP
  3. US 421-BYP becomes US 421
  4. Take the I-77 NORTH ramp
  5. Merge onto I-81
  6. Take the I-81 NORTH/US-11 NORTH exit
  7. Merge onto I-81
  8. Take the I-78 EAST exit towards ALLENTOWN
  9. Merge onto I-78
  10. Take the I-78 EAST exit on left towards NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE / I-95 / HOLLAND TUNNEL
  11. Merge onto I-78 EXP. LN E.
  12. Take the exit
  13. Take the I-95 NORTH/NJ TURNPIKE NORTH exit
  14. Take the exit toward EXITS 15E-18E (I-80) LINCOLN TUNNEL US-46
  15. Take the RT-3 exit
  16. Merge onto I-495 E (at Lincoln Tunnel there is more than one entrance. Enter right hand tunnel, in the far right lane)
  17. Keep right as you exit the tunnel
  18. Turn LEFT onto 34th Street
  19. Turn RIGHT onto Parke Ave.
  20. Turn LEFT onto E. 24th Street. The Loft is on the left side of the street about halfway down from the corner of Park Avenue.

--- Total distance: 639.66 miles ---


  • Turn LEFT on 3rd Street
  • Turn LEFT on 35th Street (Enter tunnel from 35th Street)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy is two weeks prior to your arrival date; if you meet this deadline, you may cancel without penalty.  If you cancel with less than two weeks’ notice, most likely the space cannot be rented in that short period of time, so you will be charged one night’s stay per person as a penalty.